Residential Wood Styles and Accessories

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Accokeek Fence Co. inventories a large selection of cedar, pressure treated pine and spruce stockade for our wood fences. Prices vary depending on the type of wood used for picket, privacy, and formal rail fence. Our general practice is to use 2x4 runners (2x6 runners are available as an upgrade) for the horizontal support framing. Our treated wood posts are set with cement.

Depending on your wood and design choices a solid board custom fence from Accokeek Fence Company will accent, define and protect your residence or commercial property for years to come. We have the experience and field knowledge to build you a strong and durable fence that lasts. We complete thousands of feet of fencing every year and receive many referrals for our work. Our experience also allows us to properly repair, maintain and replace existing fences.

New Pool Fence Barrier Regulations are in effect for most municipalities and HOAs!

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Wood Picket Fences in Northern Virginia and Metro DC.

Accokeek Fence Co. uses traditional designs and craftsmanship that offer you a picket fence that is both historically significant and charming. Whatever your preference, from turned spindles, square pickets with flat, pointed or decorative tops, to accurately replicated Colonial Williamsburg style, your picket fence will beautify the landscape for years to come.

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Wood Privacy Fences in Northern Virginia and Metro DC

Accokeek Fence Co. knows when it comes increasing the privacy, security, and value of your home, our gorgeous cedar wood privacy fencing will transform your property in ways you have to see to believe.

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Wood Split Rail Fences in Northern Virginia and Metro DC

Accokeek Fence Co. offers weather-resistant, pressure treated Pine. Each rail and post comes in a slightly different size and shape. The Split Rail style is an open space fence. This fence is popular on ranch property or if a more rustic look is desired.

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Wood Paddock Fences in Northern Virginia and Metro DC

Accokeek Fence Co. offers paddock style pasture fencing for your horse or animal pasture. Unsafe pasture fencing, like a couple of strands of barbed wire, can kill or permanently crippled your horse. Pasture fencing involves careful planning and safe pasture fencing materials that prevent injury to your horse or farm animals.

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Wood Estate Fences in Northern Virginia and Metro DC

Accokeek Fence Co. Estate Privacy Fences represents a fusion of beautiful wood and iron for a mix of privacy fence and timeless ornamental iron fence. The steel panel frames are specifically engineered to accept wood pickets transforming classic ornamental iron fence to premium privacy fence. Ornamental Estate is the most upscale privacy fence on the market, perfect for a full fence project or ideal or projects where both privacy and traditional ornamental iron are desired. Estate will help avoid the awkward transition that often exists when two types of fence are used together. You can now leave a portion of your project open for better visibility and another portion closed for privacy.

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Wood Custom Fences in Northern Virginia and Metro DC

Accokeek Fence Co. can design and install your custom designed fence. Just show us your plans and we will quote you a price. Your customer fence may be a mix of wood and metal. We have the inventory to build any type of custom fence you require.

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